A Gift Can Only Be Given Not Sold

A Gift Can Only Be Given Not Sold

The definition of a gift is a thing given willingly to someone without payment, a present. The beautiful thing about knowledge is it can only be given. As bitcoiners, we want to educate our loved ones, our communities, and ourselves.

Often times we find ourselves talking to others that are interested in financial freedom, generational wealth, and other various topics. But as soon as we start talking bitcoin and how it is hard money, a tool to fight inflation, brings corruption to the light, and all these other circles it touches, we usually find ourselves talking essentially to a wall. It is like the phrase "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make a it drink."

That is what is so interesting about knowledge, once you get a taste of it you begin to have a thirst for it. You absorb and take in all the good, while being able to filter out the bad. Once you have absorbed enough truth and fact you essentially transform into this ever giving spring of knowledge just looking to quench that thirst of others. Many will not want this knowledge, will reject it, or turn it down due to being a success in the fiat world. As adults no one wants to be told they are wrong, to tell someone who has accumulated a lot of dollars that they do not understand true value sounds blashphamous.

In this world there are many buyers and sellers. This is what makes being a giver of knowledge so different to many people. They are not being sold anything, this thing is literally being given for free! It is a concept that many cannot wrap their minds around, because we have been conditioned to believe there is always a catch. Believe it or not there are people who just want better for others. They do not want you to make the same mistakes or have the same misconceptions they once had as well. They want to wake up individuals and remove this veil that has been placed over society, in doing so, there is trust that is built that no money can buy and that alone makes it worth it. You become selfless with the gift and it is able to reach the masses in different areas of life passing on the gift for the benefit of many. It is an interesting phenomenon especially in this day and age where everything essentially has a price.

As Max Keiser said in the past, "that's why all the bitcoin content online is free, meet ups are free, because the best knowledge is free knowledge." Go ahead and look around at all these crypto influencers they are always pushing a service to learn to trade or stay up to date with the newest crypto project that promises to make big money. You cringe, once you see it, you cannot unsee it, we have seen the downfall of many with the backing of FTX and Celsius. At one point they were being very loud and you would hear the general population bringing up their names now they seem to have gone back into the dark. Whether it be disgrace from being wrong, or being involved with these rug pulls and loss of their followers funds. That trust that was paid in full is essentially wiped and now their followers do not believe in these truths that bitcoin has to offer.

Trust when giving the gift (knowledge) are seeds being planted, when things happen related to what you speak, those seeds will be in the back of people's minds, and they will recall oh so and so did mentions this. Do not be surprised or cocky instead remain humble on this foundation of truth. Just like a gift it has to be received.