Pleb talk with Will

Pleb talk with Will

In this months Pleb talk we sit down with San Antonio Bitcoin Club mining source Will here we go over:

- Will's bitcoin story

- Mining Syndicate's Mission

- Split Shares

- Building in a bear market

- Why mining is tough right now

- Reasons to mine bitcoin

- Why Trust Mining Syndicate

- Interacting with other bitcoin meet ups

- Meeting and talking with plebs in real life

- How bitcoin stirs the waters

- C.A.R & Latin America adopting bitcoin as legal tender

- Different on ramps

- True value around the world

- How code is law

- Building on bitcoin and lightning

- How C.B.D.C is communistic

- S.A.B.C's mission

- Hive Master Mind Concept

- Words for the common person interested in bitcoin mining

- Austrian economics vs Keynesian Economics

- Looking into the 13 year history of bitcoin/crypto

- Educating the masses

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