Bitcoin Stirs The Waters

Bitcoin Stirs The Waters

Stagnant water if stirred the smell alone is very unpleasant to the nose, along with that before the water is stirred it is clear and looks calm, but once disrupted it becomes dirty all the grime and muck seem to rise to the surface for all to see making it a site that is unappealing to the eyes.

An interesting concept has recently stuck a cord about bitcoin and how it stirs these financial waters, the same waters we are told that we must learn to navigate in order to be a success in these weird times we find ourselves living in. In these waters two things exist, rock bottom and sharks putting fear and doubt into ones self.

Bitcoin disrupts these waters causing these random waves that seem to make their way into all aspects of life; physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial. But in a positive way it makes one invest time and energy into areas that seemed calm but were otherwise overlooked by the individual caught up in one or two of these aspects, making them such a priority to the individual to the point they cloud ones perception of the other four aspects of life.

Life can be looked at like a bicycle spoke you always hear people talk about balance, looking at the lives of individuals where they have two spokes that are well defined and balanced the other four are not, causing unbalance in ones life.

The story I am referring comes from the bible. In John 5:2 it mentions the pool of Bethesda and how the waters would randomly stir. The people who lived in the region had heard of this pool. There were people who lived around the pool who had some sort of ailment being mental or physical. They came to understand when one would make it into the stirring water that they would be healed of whatever they were going through. The story talks about a man who lived on the shores of this pool, but he was unable to make it to the waters every time the pool began to stir. He was blind and would hear the people who made it to the waters rejoicing for their healing. He was not only blind but disabled and knew he would never be able to make it to the waters due to all the other people around him.

The belief was that God would send Angels to this pool to cause the stirring of the water to occur and perform miracles. Naturally people were curious and wondered what was going on drawing them to the pool to find miraculous wonders occurring.

This same phenomenon ties into bitcoin. What is this bitcoin thing?

Like the blind man in the story most of us are blind being led by the blind. We only hear of these mysterious ripples all over the internet, and hear about the lives of people all over the world being changed. Bitcoin makes everything transparent bringing all the corruption and wrong doings to the surface. It allows anyone to be able to track the money and see where funds really go. It's not a pretty sight however it is necessary to understand what is happening in the world these days. It aligns people no mater what background they seem to come from allowing for amazing solutions to ailments we see affecting the human race in many different areas of life. It allows us to be able to actually see rock bottom, and identify those sharks in the water as well, but with enough conviction and faith we take the plunge and go all in with no fear. Faith in humanity and the coin are what keep you afloat. So go forth and jump in these mysterious rippling waters, into your bitcoin journey.

At first it may be different but when you discover the many aspects that bitcoin touches you will emerge as a different and better person. As the saying goes, "You do not change bitcoin, bitcoin changes you!" -Purobitcoin